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Cam Lennon
16 July
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:: Little Words ::
This is the icon journal of baggins0716. Hum. I have a large variety of interests and iconize most of them. Hopefully something will catch your eye! And I'm sorry if I don't get around to responding to your comment, but I do appreciate them very, very much!

Anyway, thanks for dropping by and please read the rules before anything else!

:: Rules ::
o1. Comments and Credit are manditory. I like to know where my icons are going, and make sure they are credited. Now, if you come across this at a later date and there are numerous posts you've missed, just comment in one and tell me you're going through.
o2. Do not edit or change any of my icons. At all. Just don't.
o3. No hotlinking! It's killer.
o4. Please don't use any of this anywhere besides livejournal without checking with me first. And even then I'm not sure I want you too. But ask, you never know, I may be in a good mood.
o5. Do not bash me or my icons/graphics. I'll be deleting any comments that have such in them, and won't hesitate to go back to a friends only journal if this happens.

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