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Switchfoot // Lyrics // C'mon C'mon


Okay, since my memories has a lot of Various: More Than Five, I figured I'd make a directory which details all of my posts with everything. I'll still add to memories, but this is just more in depth. Anyway, so everything is alphabetical, and beside the post there's a number which is how many graphics there are in the post. A few have an LJ community tag means they were done for a challenge. Okay, then.

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The Way She Looked

[2]Gaspard Ulliel
[1]George Harrison
[11]Dhani Harrison
[4]Keira Knightley
[2]Twilight (Gaspard Ulliel as Edward)
[1]Shoebox Project

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Sons of My Enemies

[3]Orlando Bloom
[9]Lord of the Rings
[2]Pride and Prejudice
[4]One Tree Hill
[1]Pride and Prejudice
[1]James and Stuart Lafferty

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When It's All Over

[1]William Moseley
[7]Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
[6]One Tree Hill
[1]Ewan McGregor
[1]Ioan Gruffudd
[2]Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

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I'm Still Awake

[6]Hayden Christensen
[8]Chronicles of Narnia (Movie & Cast)
[3]High School Musical
[1]Dukes of Hazzard
[1]William Moseley
[1]X-Men (Kitty and Bobby)

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